Sunday, January 19, 2014

Abuse of the Red Carpet!

This post is about our propensity as Nigerians to learn a trend and abuse it. Today, I write about the abuse of the ‘Red Carpet’. There were lots of events last year as with every other and as a matter of fact plans for 2014 Valentine concerts are underway.

In the recent past, the Hollywood phenomenon ‘The Red Carpet’ has been introduced to Nigerians, kicking-off events about one hour before the real show begins. What strikes me though is how we have copied this phenomenon but as usual, copied it wrongly.

We now have red carpets at Award ceremonies, corporate events and galas, and fashion shows. But there is a certain type of event that it seems inappropriate to have a red carpet by my judgment – CONCERTS.

I don’t know about you but I see lots of red carpet photos coming out of concerts these days and it beats my imagination! Some of the big events that come to mind are – the Chris Brown concert December 2012, Dare Art Alade’s valentine concert – Love: Like a Movie in which Kim K had an appearance in February 2013, and the Mary J Blige concert later in 2013.

Nigerian’s dress to the nines to attend concerts and I just don’t understand it. Some of the women wear flowing dresses befitting for a black tie event, while some just look like they are going for a cocktail party. There are lots of nice blazers for the guys but overall, it is inappropriate dressing.

I thought the whole idea behind concerts was to party. How then does one dance with a long dress?

Mary J for instance, was simply dressed in her denim shorts, crop-top and boots at her concert and she looked the part. We need to take a cue from the artistes.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

How times have changed

A few of my friends and acquaintances turned the big four zero [40] this year and the ensuing events seemed rather similar. They were devoid of the pomp that accompanied hitting the milestone age as I can remember from my childhood.

Back in the day, people would make a song and dance out of turning 40 years. They would hold a thanksgiving service and thereafter throw a big party. They would take a family portrait with celebrant flanked by spouse and kids – akin to the Christian saying “your children surround your table”. They would enlarge the photo, frame it and display it in their living rooms for posterity. Their friends would come wine and dine with them and often hail, ‘life begins at 40!”

Back in the day, thirty-something year olds didn’t worry about cancer or high blood pressure [HBP]; they lived life to the fullest.

But times have changed. Today, cancer and HBP are stealing away many in their prime.  Today, most forty year olds feel they haven’t accomplished anything and really have nothing to celebrate – they don’t own plots of lands let alone a building or their businesses. Today, lots of 40 year olds don’t have 10 year old kids to show-off because people marry late and more so, some eligible singles are happily homosexual.

Today, 40th birthdays are quieter and pretty much like any other. People are simply thankful for life and being able to get by.